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Anti Doping

Unfortunately, doping does exist in the sport of running. Saying the opposite would be quite naive – or dishonest.  

The only reason why there are so few “official” doping convictions in running is that insufficient to no check ups are done compared to cycling, for example. In my discipline, ultra mountain running, pretty much none are enforced.

I, myself disapprove of any form of  illegal performance enhancements.  Doping is fraud! Cheating on competitors, race organizers, the crowd. Most of all though it is betrayal on  the kids who, like I many years ago, look up to elite athletes and view them as role models.

In times like these, when even already convicted cheats are still claiming their innocence and – sad but true- many times are getting through with their lies, what can a clean sportsman do to prove his honesty? I, for example signed a notarized declaration that I will always stick to the Anti Doping Rules established by the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency). In case of any violation I will donate a whole annual salary but at least $25,000 to the Austrian SOS Kinderdorf.

The declaration can be viewed under pdf

It would be great to see other high caliber athletes follow my example,  putting with clear conscience their economical existence on the line for a clean sport.